Wooden Play Pen


Handmade wooden play pen



Handmade wooden play pen

To suit children aged 0-3
These amazing play pens allow you to construct different shapes and it’s not essential to use all panels so you can make the play pen for your preferred application. The play pen can also be used as a room divider or can be attached to the wall with our wall brackets. The panels are made from FSC untreated NZ pine clears, we use untreated so there are no added chemicals to the timber. We use clears as they have minimal knots to optimize strength. We purchase FSC rated pine as then we know we are suppling sustainably milled timber to our customers. The pens have stainless components.

600 Play Pen
Made up of 8 x 600mm panels, foldable
900 Play Pen
Made up of 6 x 900mm panels, foldable after releasing 2 bolts
1200 Play Pen
Made up of 4 x 1200mm panels, foldable after releasing 2 bolts.


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600 Play Pen, 900 Play Pen, 1200 Play Pen